KOLOR是一隊以香港作為基地的流行搖滾樂隊,由主音及結他手Sammy、結他手 Robin、低音結他手高豐及鼓手Michael於2005年組成。KOLOR的名字取自英文 COLOR,即是「色彩」的意思,各成員對音樂及個人求新求變的性格,希望以 不同色彩為香港樂壇帶來更大衝擊。 KOLOR的成立是源於2005年時,四位分別來自本地樂隊Lam Kei、Tat Flip及 Nothing None的成員希望能組成一支別具音樂風格的樂隊,其後KOLOR得到著名 音樂人黃家強先生賞識簽約成為旗下樂隊,於2007年推出首張大碟【COLOR】, 獲得叱吒頒獎典禮「樂壇組合新力軍銅獎」,得到高度的注目。2009年, KOLOR第二張大碟【SURREALISM】面世,收錄熱播作品《圍城》、 《愛莫能助》等歌曲,風格亦漸趨成熟,同時獲得更多大型演出的機會。 經過多年的努力及累積連串演出經驗後,現為自主製作音樂的KOLOR正積 極籌備第三張大碟及首個音樂會,並不斷將最新製作的單曲於網上供樂迷 率先欣賞試聽,引起非常正面的迴響。當中《尋因果》及《半首歌》於電台 上播放率甚佳,第三主打《對錯》更邀請歌手盧巧音合作,得到一致好評。

The name “KOLOR” represents their diversities both musically and personally.
Coming from different backgrounds, it is as though there are four artists working on a single composition, each infusing his unique perspective, ultimately creating
music as a group that is both powerful and meaningful.
After founded by Hong Kong musician Steve Wong Ka-Keung of rock band
Beyond fame, KOLOR released their debut album “COLOR” which earned them
the runner-up award in ‘’Hong Kong Commercial Radio Music Awards for Best
Band or Group’’.
Energized and spirited by this award, KOLOR assembled a powerful follow-
up “SURREALISM” – due to release in 2009. KOLOR’s new album features
their signature melodies and hooks with a new maturity in musical style and
Currently, KOLOR is recording for their third studio album independently and
planning to have their long awaited debut show in 2010 summer. KOLOR’s latest
singles are available to free download for their fans on web since February 2010,
and the single ‘’True and False’’ is featuring with local musician Candy Lo which
found various critical acclaims recently.